Real Name



Leviathan, Levi for short


Justice Coalition







Created during a series of threads in August, 2013, that eventually evolved into the aquatic branch of the Justice Coalition.


A member of a race of deep ones from the Marianas Trench, she lived there until her dad kicked her out for unspecified reasons. This lead her to try and live amongst humans, but that didn't go so well since there's a big culture difference.

While Spearhead was out at sea, Leviathan started causing trouble in town and no one was able to stop her... until Spearhead got back and PINED HER TO THE WALL, told her to knock that shit off since he's too old to be doing this, then went back out to sea after making sure Jellybro was getting medical attention. So she obeyed and just sat around, not doing much of anything for a while except for talking with Jellybro after he had recovered a bit and learning more about who Spearhead is.

When he returned, Levi attempted to gain something like an apprenticeship to Spearhead and ended up joining the Aqua Coalition (of Super Friends) along with Diving Belle, Caliber, Reef and Jellybro.


She's essentially a foreigner in a land she knows nothing about, she doesn't know much about the customs of humans and only really respects orders from people who are able to best her in a fight. This gives her the appearance of being naive at times, but quick to beat people who she thinks are challenging her.


She has some minor shape changing abilities, being able to choose how human or deep one she wants to look like. When she's as human as she make herself look, she still has some scales showing and oddly colored skin patches here and there, and if she rolls her eyes up you can see that the whites of her eyes that are hidden under her eyelids aren't white. When in full leviathan form she gets much bigger and the only really human looking features about her are her nose and jaw.

There's no question that she's the strongest of the AC(oSF), but she's not the most skilled.


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