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Britainment, Queen's Queers (formerly)







A vampire from China, but not a Chinese vampire. Created sometime during March of 2014 when trying to get an idea for Europe based branch of /co/ntainment going.


Whoever she was before being turned is obscured by time and however she tells it. What is certain though, is that she was turned during the height of the opium trade in China and that the vampire who turned her ODed on the drug the same night she was bitten before telling her anything, leaving her confused and concerned. She then traveled from China to Britain looking for answers about her sudden cause of bursting into flames in direct sunlight. During the late 1800s she was captured by the Queen's Queers, the then foremost organization on studying and combating the occult and supernatural. She was made an operative when they found a way to supplement her thirst with tea in place of blood and stayed on with them until the organizations destruction a little more than a century later.

After the majority of the QQs were killed off in an catastrophic event still under investigation, she was prompted to a leadership position since she was the most senior operative still "alive." This left her with mountains of paperwork to deal with and difficult decisions to make. She opted to contact an organization of similar purpose in the States for help and was then bought out by them. Now she has to deal with Director Muttonchops calling the big shots while she manages local affairs. Primarily she's tasked with refilling her field operative positions, forcing her to recruit Strummer and accept an intern, Anastasia Wright, onto her limited staff. On the upside, most of the magical research division survived, allowing them to animate suits of armor to fill temp positions.

She has open distrust of Blue Blood and her entire clan, but has been told to play ball with her by Muttonchops whenever a Blueblood needs killing.


As a vampire, she posses heightened senses, limited transformation abilities, some form of immortality, the standard vampire package.

Her skills with weapons and diplomacy have yet to be fully explored.


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