Mighty Goliath

Real Name

Marley Bishop


Mighty Goliath


The Evilverse






Tall, 6 feet, 2 inches

The Evilverse counterpart to Lovely Ladybug, a tall man.


With elder gods wrecking the world, Goliath is convinced that humanity needs a champion in order to survive the coming storm. Naturally, the best man for the job is... him!

He likes to view himself as a warrior king or god-emperor, he dedicates most of his resources on protecting his territory holdings and building a strong base from which to resist - civilians within his empire may be the safest in the world, as long as they follow his rules. His methods put him at odds with Evilette (she controls a neighboring territory) who is objective-oriented and actively chases down awakening elder gods with no thought to the cost. He does not consider Evilette a romantic possibility as she reminds him too much of his mother.

At some point or another, Lovely Ladybug was transported from her home dimension to his territory and left an impression on him before returning home. Either he or someone else decided to create a clone of her (possibly using Goliath as a genetic base) and Lovely Ladybug Prime was born, though they made some modifications to make her taller and... have greater assets.


His powers all come from his suit, which he built himself.

  • Shoots beams from his hands
  • Flight
  • Super strength

Goliath's GirlsEdit


All together

Goliath's personal super squad with benefits. He likes to call them his harem, in keeping with the whole god-emperor thing... he really does everything he can to rock the destined ruler look. They pretty much keep his day to day operations running while he's out fighting invading evil fairies or dealing with Evilette or a rampaging elder god.

They consist of:

  • Netiquette - Technopath, extremely skilled at gathering information. Gives Goliath a hard time about his propaganda methods and how the rebels leader keeps turing them around to work in his favor. Has a non-evilverse counterpart associated with The Justice /co/mrades.
  • Titanium Tina - Her metallic physiology gives her a high level of invulnerability and super strength. Makes Goliath feel short when he's not in his suit.
  • Vanishing Point - Can turn invisible and has ninja training. Skilled in assassinations and putting enemies down quietly.
  • Bombshell - Makes things explode via an energy fuse.