Mighty Mantis
Mighty Mantis' more advanced armor

Real Name

Warren Blake


Mighty Mantis


Justice Coalition





A founding member of the Justice Coalition.


Like General Freedom, he's an old vet (in the superhero sense). Back in the day he was seen as a champion of the little guy and a model of what the average man could achieve with grit and ingenuity, a mere mortal who can keep pace with metahumans and literal deities! Over the years, though, he's grown paranoid and reclusive... he was always kind of a loner, but now he barely even shows up at the Justice Coalition HQ unless it's to follow up on a lead. In the public eye, though, he's more popular than ever thanks to a trilogy of hit films dramatizing his past!

Lovely Ladybug has a crush on him, she doesn't know that he has an on and off romantic relationship with the former Soviet spy (by the time Ladybug hits the scene anyway) the Recluse.


Mantis wears a cutting edge suit of power armor and stalks the night looking for evil to punish! He battles Clockwork Prophet's terrifying transhumanist Machine Cult of cyborgs.

He built his suit himself and is constantly modifying and upgrading it. He primarily relies on speed and stealth with high precision martial arts and the use of his arm blades; the helmet contains an advanced telemetry system. The more modern versions of his suit contain much more advanced equipment and an array of gadgets he's created over the years to deal with various new threats.


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