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Nerd was introduced to /co/ntainment's ranks on October 8th, 2013 while fleshing out G-Squad.


As a member of /co/ntainment, all personal information (time before joining, real name, date of birth, etc.) is kept secret since revealing any of them count as death flags in his line of work.

Nerd serves as the head of the actual containment specialists division. It's his job to make sure things stay contained. With the exception of The /co/meleon, he's remarkably good at his job. As a department head, he reports directly to Director Muttonchops, and although Muttonchops' often brash or outright stupid decisions cause endless trouble for him, he still follows his orders and does the best he can with what he has.

His department, in his opinion, is understaffed, leading him to recruit some of the things he's tasked with containing. Having the combat specialist, Agent Edge, assigned to his department was not because of him requesting more personnel, but because the director felt his department was being lazy since they weren't out shooting things. Despite this, agent Edge and himself get along very well, he's almost never seen without her nearby and they even spend time together while off the clock, something Nerd with deny happening when on the clock since he is aware of the curse.

His face is never fully seen and he may or may not have some grand ambitions or secret motives.

Abilities and skillsEdit

As the department head of the containment division, he is very apt at building holding containers of all sorts, jury rigging repairs, and coming up with ways to distribute antidotes when any operatives become infected with something horrible that turns them against each other.

His marksmanship has yet to be tested though.


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