Real Name





J/co/, Goliath's Girls (alternate /co/verse)





Originally created as a member of Mighty Goliath's female task force, she was later given a counterpart in the mainstream /co/verses.


She is extremely to the point and very blunt with her observations, though she can act flirtatious or haughtily when she has information others need, usually when she wants them to ask nicely for it.

In the Evilverse she serves as one of the Goliath's Girls and acts as Mighty Goliath's PR girl/tactical analysis/battle strategist in maintaining order in his city state and keeping the horrors from beyond out and the people safe.

In the more mainline /co/verses, she serves as a tactics operative for The Justice /co/mrades. This usually entails keeping an eye out for trouble, alerting nearby heroes to it, and organizing response teams. She typically works the day shift with The Mathador covering the night shift. They might possibly be dating or interested in each other.


Netiquette is a technopath, she is able to directly interface with machines and computer systems allowing her to manage large amounts of data near instantaneously. She is extremely skilled at gathering information and making assessments of super activity.

It is unknown if she has any cybernetic enhancements, though her skin does glow and show a circuit-like pattern when using her powers.

Gallery Edit

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