Nicholas & BB
1354328045861 nbb

Real Name

Nicholas (man), BB (cat)


None so far






Male (Nicholas), Female (BB)



November 25th, 2012 someone posted a thread on /co/ about a miserable man named Nicholas who would build a machine to kill god for sending his cat, BB, to hell for being a sinner.

It was completely unremarkable until everyone realized BB had really big tits.


BB was a unique cat that was born with huge breasts, BB would use her chest to (playfully and in a platonic way) seduce her master, God saw this as a sin and threw her in Hell. Nicholas became upset since BB was his only best friend, so he loathed God and decided to do whatever it takes to get BB back.

Then Nicholas lost his hand, so he replaced it with a knife.


The OP of that thread got caught by his ultra religious father and had to delete all his progress, /co/ decided to keep the memory alive by saving fucking everything and producing even more fanart of his hilarious idea to keep it warm until he could get back to it.

As of 2014, he has returned.


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