Auxiliary characters created for Nicky Two-Vests stories who may or may not ever get any use.

Captain SantiagoEdit

Captain Santiago
A.k.a. Santy Claus. A pirate captain who sails the dusty planes somehow. He has a lot of women in his crew it seems. A real Quixotic-type character who has a jolly and bombastic personality.


A woman in her mid-30s to early-40s. She's originally from Galveston, Texas, a town wrought with outlaw action from both sea and shore. She had to leave in a similar way Nicky did, with her family overwhelemed with connections and crossfire of outlaw activity. (Spoiler: she did a little bit of personal outlawing herself.) She now takes care of a group of bandits’n’bastards all too familiar in her tavern. She takes Nicky in after his banishment to the San Diego area and acts as mother figure to him.

She may be getting older, but her beauty ain’t fadin’ and she's plenty capable of defending herself with the concealed pistols she carries.


He's a hobo. Does hobo things. Not much else was ever decided about him. And if it was, no one bothered to write it down anywhere.

Jesper HalvardEdit

Jesper Halvard
A man in his 20s. His first name was originally "Andor," but he changed it to "Jesper" since it rolls off the tongue better. He's part of a Norwegian family who moved to America for future prospects in farming. Andor, however, is sick of farming and is fascinated - and highly adequate - with technology and industrialization. He is often away from his family due to conflicts with his father. He acts as a big brother figure to Nicky.

Big-hearted and enthusiatic, yet always a little unsure of himself and his work. He's fit, almost muscular, but is mostly a pacifist. His clothing is usually minimal and work-oriented; like Abbadon but poorer. Kinda like Mikey from Recess (only not as fat).


A.k.a “Cracker Jack”, a man in his mid-20s. Where he comes from is unknown for the most part. He was originally hired by Abbadon to lure in tourists to come to California and work for him, though he turned face and helped Nicky bring Abbadon down, and has been a freelancer & con man since.

He's charming and adventurous, lies and steals whenever he wants/needs and is a good “actor”. He often carries a knife or two, maybe a pistol; prefers to just brawl and melee, though.

Walter AbbadonEdit

Walter Abbadon
A man who runs shady operations out in California. Seems to be a wealthy land owner with a disposition for exploiting the less fortunate. Not much else about him is properly established, least not recorded anywhere.

Think Daniel Plainview with a pinch of Norman Osborn for spice.

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