Real Name

Elizabeth Sondra McGee, a.k.a. Sendy


Nosefire (to her chagrin), Arsonelle


The Wrong Guy






Late teens to early twenties

During 2009, an anon misread "Norsefire" as "Nosefire" during a V for Vendetta thread. On May 5 of the same year, a drawthread produced the first drawing of her.


Ethnically black Irish, she's runaway trailer trash and who would fit in with the Kanker sisters with no difficulty in terms of brains, interests, and sex drive.

As an orphan burglar, she stole from The Wrong Guy and ended up an unwilling lab rat for a reptilian gene splicing experiment. The experiment was only meant to grant infrared vision, but it misfired and she ended up with an unusual resistance to fire, the ability to produce it from her nasal sinuses (initially accidentally, but she's learned how to do so at will), and above average strength for her size.

She overpowered her captor and broke free, she then used her powers for self gain for a while until one of her friends was taken hostage to force her into surrendering.

Nosefire works as an enforcer for The Wrong Guy now, a bruiser who's sometimes used as a bodyguard and other times as muscle. The fact that in civvies she looks like an average woman is used to their advantage. He often enters her in /co/ve hangar fights, usually to test the skills of new entries to adjust the betting odds. She's faced off against the likes of Stretcherous, Bombastic, and Arms Guy.

She's almost never seen without shades or visor due to her pupils becoming slitted as a result of the experiment, though it's mainly because of her sensitivity about it as well as it making her easy to spot. She can wear contacts to disguise her eyes, but they tend to irritate her. She favors short, spiky hair now.

A recurring gag is that everyone calls her Nosefire despite her coming up with a slew of cooler sounding names.


  • Breathing fire
  • Fire resistant
  • Enhanced strength


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