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The Damned











An evil space emperor with tremendous power. Originally created as a passing mention when developing Captain Stocking Arms' backstory, then later expanded since the space setting was lacking.


Just what Nyxiontus is is anyone's guess; he's been around for millennia, since the times when space empires were commonplace, and he's one of the last of the evil space emperors who hasn't been crushed by the Galactic Peace Keepers.

At one point in time he captured the Star Titian of the Facerenti, a massive collection of psychic energy bound together as the system's protector, and used it as a tool to further incite terror and awe in the space he controls. It wasn't until more than a generation later that a champion of the Facerenti emerged and managed to wrest control of the Star Titan from him and return it to his people.


As a space emperor, he controls vast territories, but does very little to maintain his rule. He primarily acts on his whims and has a hobby of forcing societies to create heroes to oppose him for his own amusement. If any of the heroes manage to satisfactorily entertain him or earn his respect as a fighter, he spares their worlds or grants them a boon. This is somewhat under the belief that their worlds still have untapped potential to produce even stronger opponents for him to fight.

If Nyxiontus ever learns that Omeggis was banished from his home world for something as petty as poor fashion sense, he'd probably blow up the planet out of disgust.


He's endured because of his freakish power, enough to solo large fleets, crack planets in half, maybe even snuff out stars.

He seems to have a high degree of psychic power, enough so to overwhelm an entire race of psychics with little effort.

His raw physical power is equally impressive - he's able to easily knock planets out of their orbits with a solid punch, or just outright destroy them.


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