Real Name





Tir Tairngire






About 30 (in present day settings)

One of Hummingbird's best friends and supporting characters.


A solemn young junior librarian, about Emily's age! He's a bit taller, with brown hair and overly large spectacles, full size fairy ears (for his age anyway), big blue moth wings, small antennae, and his pocket-covered long-coat of office. Where Em's outgoing, he's retiring. Tends to be straightforward and a bit worried by Em's antics. However, he has a huge love for learning about history and the human world, so even when he's not doing Archive stuff he's usually buried in a book! Em being from the human world, and being able to go almost anywhere she pleases in Tir Tairngire thanks to her halfling status, is a source of great excitement for Oberon, and he frequently gets dragged into her shenanigans! Basically, he's a kid who tries very hard to be responsible and grown up, but he's still a kid at heart.

Because of his straightforward and earnest nature, he's a bit of an outcast in fae society which favors secretive schemers. When asked a riddle or faced with wordplay, he'll attempt to give a logical answer rather than the expected witty or clever come backs.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit


First sword

As a fae, he has a mostly magical constitution and requires an environment with high levels of magic to survive, or at least to not feel ill. His time spent working in the archives of Tir Tairngire has lead him to become very skilled at using magic, thanks to all the books he's read about the subject. He's become very adept at spell casting.

In the Evilverse he joined what was left of the Justice Coalition. He's the last fairy free of elder god corruption and took up sword fighting when it became apparent that he'd need to defend himself and others. He fights very carefully using his iron sword since, like most fae, he is allergic to ferrous metals.

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