Old General Witch Doctor
He might just switch which eye is covered randomly

Real Name



Old General Witch Doctor


The Justice /co/mrades







Created sometime during 2008 using heromachine, he was added to the J/co/ roster with little to no information about the character being preserved.

*Profile Data missing or corrupted. Please re-input classified data.*
-His entry in the J/co/ databanks.


Nothing is known about him before his time with the J/co/, it just never comes up in conversation and no one has ever thought to ask.

He's the training instructor for the J/co/, he deletes his own profile in the system as a test for new members to see if they will investigate him or not. If any of the new recruits are intrepid enough to follow through with their investigations, he'll set up a trap house to test their combat skills. He usually builds these houses in Summer Home as part of the training process, but if given sufficient prep time (about 8 hours) he can build them anywhere.

During one of /co/nrad's visits to the J/co/ HQ, he brought along his son, Kid Cookie, who just walked up and started talking to the old general after hearing that no one knew anything about him. Over the years, Old General Witch Doctor taught his new friend just about everything he knew about trap making.


It is unknown if he possesses any superhuman abilities, but he has a number of skills and talents.

  • Trap Master - He's able to build traps out of almost anything and place them almost anywhere.
  • Proficiency in Robotics - He is able to construct robots for his traps and control them remotely via a bracelet.
  • Magic - It is debatable if he has actual magic or if it's all stage tricks. He's able to summon large black caimans and snakes which may or may not be illusions.


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