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Peggy Lamb is the second member of the Sheep Trio, after Leggy Lamb and before Barbra.


Peggy was conceived a little after Leggy started blowing up on /co/. With the mass influx of porn of Leggy, some people thought she was too nice to do the crazy things they depicted, and that and they really wanted another sheep to fuck. So they created Peggy Lamb, a more mischievous version of Leggy to do porn and lesbian shots with, while Leggy could retain her pure virgin waifu status.


She looks exactly like Leggy (pink skin, long ears, black eyes, black gloves, black heels) all the way down to her wool arrangement, except hers is jet black. She's also been seen to sport piercings or horns on certain occasions.


Peggy has been described as "a bad lamb". She is the black sheep of the flock in the literal and mental sense. She has been known to pick on Leggy and play pranks on her.

She's much less prudish than her white counterpart, not afraid to shed some wool whenever she pleases.

Like her name would imply, she's also pretty fond of pegging.

Relatives and FriendsEdit

It is unclear as to whether Peggy and Leggy are related, as some instances say they are and others do not. But Peggy still hangs out with her, possibly because being a black sheep, no one trusts her except the naive-est member of the flock

Barbra is the only sheep that can pull the wool over Peggy's eyes. Whenever she gives Leggy a hard time, she has to be careful to avoid doing it around Barbra, lest she feel her wrath.


For a more comprehensive gallery, see the booru.

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