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Question Duck




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Question Duck is a webcomic which originated on /co/ when someone posted a picture of a duck while asking about a comic and got a response like "You are a duck, what are you doing on the internet, or asking questions?" Then the idea of a duck that randomly asks you questions came about and Psudonym liked the idea enough to roll with it.


None of the characters were ever given proper names in the Question Duck comic, however many of the secondary characters are featured in one of Psu's other comics: New Gamer Radio Theater. For now, they'll only be listed on this page based on their visual aspects and roles they play in Question Duck

  • Question Duck - The titular character, often seen sitting upon Field Trip Guy's head asking unrelated questions at inopportune times since he can't read the mood. He rarely gets an answer, but sometimes the other characters will decide to find an answer out of curiosity.
  • Field Trip Guy a.k.a. Guy - The man who travels the wold, taking in all the sights and cultures; he rarely speaks. He's a Pittsburgh fan.
  • Glasses Guy - He's usually grumpy, possibly Field Trip Guy's roommate. He's not very fond of Question Duck's questions and likes to tease it whenever the duck annoys him, though he's still a nice guy. He's a Packers fan. Has a girlfriend who is fond of overalls.
  • Glasses Girl - Attends BBQs, Parties, and plays games with Field Trip Guy and Glasses Guy sometimes. Is skilled in cooking and science.
  • Psu - Author/Artist insert, long hair that covers the eyes, androgynous, shows up at social gatherings.
  • Beard Guy - A guy with a beard who also shows up mostly at social gatherings. Is usually seen doing outdoorsy things.
  • Glasses Guy 2 - Has longer hair than Glasses Guy, mostly shows up at social gatherings. Likes Warhammer 40k.
  • Izabel - A responder girl wearing a red cross shirt who shows up when a disaster happens, usually drawn to announce a livestream drawing session for charity.
  • Joyce - A responder girl with a braided blonde ponytail, usually seen accompanying Izabel.
  • Suzie - A little girl who likes to explain things or shout out whatever she is thinking. She's not usually in Question Duck.

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