Real Name

Natalia Paulkin


The Recluse


KGBeasts, Machine Cult, Detroit City Sirens







A character originally created as a one off villain by the bug team behind Lovely Ladybug, she gained unexpected popularity on /co/ and was further developed.


The Recluse, Natalia Paulkin, was born in Soviet Russia, physically infirm but blessed with precognitive abilities that unfortunately were of little help around her parents' farm. When the USSR decided it wanted a super-team to counter the potential threat of General Freedom, Natalia was at the head of the line, eager to finally be useful to the motherland. Though her power of foresight was the most promising ability among the recruits, her body was too frail to be a supersoldier- but with the help of Clockwork Prophet's transhumanist Machine Cult she was fitted with powerful cybernetics that allowed her to become Russia's deadliest super-spy!

After a number of successful missions she was sent to the USA to disrupt projects that might give the Capitalist pig-dogs an edge over the USSR, and wound up running afoul of the Mantis! And then, shenanigans. She's since teamed up with local Detroit super-thief, Dragonfly, and gotten up to all sorts of hijinx.

At some point one of her prosthetic legs was damaged during an encounter with Mighty Mantis, damage which she was unable to repair. This lead to her defeat at the hands of the Mantis, but instead of apprehending her, he offered to repair her leg. This revealed to her the Mantis' secret lair, but she chose not to act on this information and started to grow more fond of him despite being a member of General Freedom's Justice Coalition. Mantis continued to repair and upgrade Recluse's limbs despite her espionage mission, this lead to them developing some kind of romantic relationship.


She was born with precognitive abilities that manifest themselves via six red glowing eyes, three on each side of her head. She describes them as being able to see the future and alerting her to treachery.

Aside from her natural abilities, her prosthetic robot limbs give her super strength, speed, and agility. After being upgraded by Mantis, they begin to look more like human limbs so she's able to blend in better and interact more naturally with normal people.


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