Red Laser Bones
Red Laser Bones will just look at you while caressing its blades.

Real Name

Laser Drones


Red Laser Bones


/co/ntainment, IT-Squad





Created during August of 2013 when someone misread "RadLazyBones" as "Red Laser Bones" and then drew it.


Created by Springtime's Lackey, SCIENCE robot, in an attempt to replicate King Spooky's condition, somehow a skeleton made of living plasma was created in the process. Red Laser Bones is a set of hovering hard-light emitters controlled by an A.I., dubbed Laser Bones by field agents, the name stuck despite IT-Squad insisting on calling them Laser Drones.

They never see field use because they are dangerous, unstable, and often unpredictable. Often the original prototype will start building copies when left unchecked and a killer robot army will try to take over IT-Squad's lab, this has classified the original as something that should be contained and studied, but that's actually just an excuse so they don't have to destroy something that's actually good for training exercises. A semi-planned killer robot invasion is the perfect thing to show the new recruits what they're in for.

Abilities and skillsEdit

It is able to down into individual hovering parts, has hard-light staff/blade and beam laser, can replace missing parts when available, armored against small arms fire (.308 and bigger would make short work of them). The weak spots are glowing, but defeating one requires destroying the CPU (destroy the emitters for good measure)

Red Laser Bones was built for one purpose only: To be as creepy as possible.


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