Fire coral slap time? Fire coral slap time.

Real Name





Justice Coalition






Early/mid 20s

Created during a series of threads in August, 2013, that eventually evolved into the aquatic branch of the Justice Coalition.


He's from Australia and has been protecting the coastlines and Great Barrier Reef from tidal waves and evil surfers for a while, but when the sharktopus appeared he found himself in over his head. Despite this, when he saw it was about to wreck up one of his favorite spots (which is every spot on the coast line) he immediately swam out there to try and kick its ass.

Fortunately, Diving Belle and Caliber arrived and decided to back him up, together they fought it to a standstill but just weren't able to beat it due to poor teamwork... that is until Spearhead arrived and started barking orders (and in Reef's case threats) to get them to work together better. Afterwards Reef decided to go with his new friends back to their home and get some formal training, meets Jellybro and Leviathan, and the Aqua Coalition (of Super Friends) is formed.


He has a temper which often gets him into trouble, either by trying to beat up the bad guys by himself or insulting Jellybro while he's in one of his dazes only to get stung as soon as he snaps out of it.

He knows that Leviathan is the strongest, but still insists he'd win if they fought.


He is able to create coral constructs, this means he can rapidly grow any type of coral from his body. He can use it for armor, to give his punches some extra mass, male tools/weapons, and even create poisons.

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