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Another attempt at creating an ultimate villain. He's no where near ultimate.

Often confused with Facepunch since they were created around the same time with similar themes.


A monk who lives for the fight. He has no powers on his own, just kung fu training, an iron will, and discipline. He one day got an idea in his head that if he wanted to be the most powerful person in the world, he was going to also have to start defeating supers and not just normals like he had been doing. So he did. And the fights were probably really brutal and terrible. Just how he likes them.

He was slowly going up the rankings of D-list supers when he found a super that was being controlled by this Mask.

The Mask is a creature or something exiled from its home dimension for being the largest prick ever or something. It is looking for a way back and a little extra as revenge for being kicked out. The creature isn't actually just a mask, its true form is so terrible that this universe rejects it outright.

The Mask can grant its wearer limited super strength, a healing factor, and super elevated pain tolerance. All it asks for in return is that it gets a chance to suck the life energy out of you. However, when it met up with the Monk, it was so impressed by the way a mere human was able to best and kill a flying brick type super, that it offered a deal. The Monk could get all the pros without the con, as long as the Monk tossed a few defeated supers the Mask's way. The deal was struck.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The monk himself has no true superhuman abilities, but years of training have honed his body into a deadly weapon. He is a highly skilled and vicious martial artists, ans he has learned to study and analyze his opponents mid-fight. 

The mask, being a creature not of this plane, possess the ability to grant its host increased strength and endurance, along with a healing factor.


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