Riggs Hagar
Riggs Hagar

Real Name

Riggs Hagar


Riggs Hagar




Rock'n Roll




Somewhere in his forties

A musically themed supervillain created Jun 2013.


Once a world renowned rock god, Riggs Hagar's decline in relevance and life of excess had left him completely broke and nearly destitute. In a downward spiral and with nowhere to turn, Riggs decided to turn to a life of crime to support himself in the lifestyle that he had become accustomed to. Using his bombastic stage persona and skills gained through decades of non-stop concerts and touring, Riggs puts on flashy thefts that always attract a crowd.

Rumor has it that Riggs is indebted to certain parties for the augmentation of his skills and equipment. Another rumor states that Riggs is not the only member of his band to turn to crime, and that they may be staging a 'comeback tour'.

Surprisingly this turn of events has seen a resurgence in his popularity, and his album sales are through the roof.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Years of performing have honed his vocal chords to such a degree that he can deliver a devastating sonic 'metal' scream, this scream's strength has been drastically increased by unknown means. His voice has also gained a hypnotic quality to it, allowing him to enthrall nearby individuals turning them into roadies and groupies who are more than willing to get between him and any super hero he's facing. 

His guitar has similarly been improved, giving him a variety of tools and gimmicks to use. It's been documented that his guitar can produce the most dulcet tunes in all of metal, deploy rapid-fire laser blasts, create a hardlight chainsaw, and more.

Hagar’s Huge HitsEdit

He's weaponized many of his songs, both those composed before and after his descent into villainy.

  • Whispering Renegade
  • 100mph Tears
  • Gods Of Vandalism
  • Toying With Innuendos
  • Hallucinogenic Fate
  • I Predict Ruggedness
  • Frankness ... But Not As We Know It
  • Me And My Smart Mouth
  • That Chick
  • Scandal Don't Cost A Penny
  • Fantasies, Fantasies, Gimme The Fantasies!
  • Bareback Musings
  • Miles Of Gunshots
  • Trouble Is A Girl Called Wednesday

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