Real name







Neutral (tragic villain)





One of Motion's rouges.


She was a scientist who was working on ways to improve soldiers who fight in extreme heat or cold. She developed a suit that would block out almost all thermal changes and a chemical that would allow a soldier to absorb heat from his surroundings. One day Motion, when fighting with another super villain, nearly destroyed the building she was in, dousing her with the unfinished chemical and causing its effect to be ramped up. In a panic she stole the suit and fled and later found out that the company she was working for would rather study her than help cure her. She cuts off all contact with the outside world and seeks revenge on those responsible along with the company who refuses to help her. Seeking some normality out of frustration that she can't leave the suit for more than a few minutes at a time, she sews a wig on to the head of the suit.


After the accident she seeks to destroy Motion for causing her situation, and her former employers who refused to help cure her. She is forced to find a cure herself and decides to do whatever she can to get the materials and funding to do so.


Agitated, aggressive, frustrated, and a hot temper on top of that, she is almost uncomfortable due to being overheated and it shows. The more she uses her power, the more heat she absorbs and the hotter she gets inside the suit.


She constantly absorbs heat which causes ice to instantly form around her. The suit she wears blocks out most of the heat she passively, unconsciously absorbs, but she is able to consciously absorb more, forcing heat through the insulation resulting in ice and snow forming.


Her power is always active, meaning that she will constantly absorb heat and she relies on her suit to block out most of the heat surrounding her. The colder the area around her, the longer she can stay outside her suit, but prolonged use of her powers will eventually cause her to die of heat stroke.


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