Robley Quinn

Real Name

Harley Quinn


Robley Quinn


DC, Batman





At some point during 2008, someone on /co/ asked a question about what would happen if Harley became Batman's new sidekick, and so Robley Quinn came to be.

Might have played a role in kicking off the series of mash-up characters prominent during that year, or at least was one of the more popular characters produced from it.

Possible OriginsEdit

As far as in-universe origins go, there were a couple notable suggestions that gained some art:

  • Harley semi-reforms and becomes obsessed with Batman in the same way she was as the Joker, eventually discovering the Bat Cave and reluctantly being taken on as a new ward by "Mister B."
  • Poison Ivy accidentally ages Harley down somehow and passes her off to Batman since she's no good with kids. Batman, not knowing what else to do with kids other than dress them up in costumes and make them fight criminals, takes her on as a new Robin.


She's got the basic utility belt package deal, only with a few modifications to make them funnier. Also a giant hammer that may or may not have a spring loaded boxing-glove hidden in it along with other gadgets that suit the occasion.

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