Real Name

-data lost-




/co/ntainment, IT-Squad




None, identifies as male


Over 50

Created during August of 2013 when someone drew a robot scientist and asked what his deal was. He quickly got picked up and ended up as part of /co/ntainment's IT-Squad.


He was created to do research on projects humans found too time consuming and unimportant to dedicate themselves to. He was sent far away to some remote corner of the world to collect data and do experiments, eventually forgotten.

After fifty years of doing tedious experiments all alone and without proper maintenance, his mannerisms can be at best described as eccentric. His experiments and pet projects have slowly become more and more unstable and most of his theories branch into the realms of fantasy, he was then re-discovered by /co/ntainment while investigating sightings of the abnormalities he created.

Who built him is a total mystery, it is unknown how they had access to the technology to create a robot with an advanced A.I. and the ability to do complex tasks. Further analysis of his systems revealed whoever did make him had plans for future modifications as he is compatible (somehow) with modern software.

He's become something like Springtime's lackey in /co/ntainment's IT-Squad, or pet project, or favorite toy even. He's managed to become the second in command of the development team due to this favoritism as well as his never ceasing desire to do any kind of SCIENCE. This wonton desire was directly responsible in him creating the entity known as Red Laser Bones.

He's sometimes missing an arm or two, but that's only because they needed to be upgraded or modified to better do the science.

Abilities and skillsEdit

Knows how to do all forms of SCIENCE, even if the science isn't really SCIENCE. This includes reverse engineering, construction, analysis, and general assistance.


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