Scarab Girl
Scarab girl

Real Name



Scarab Girl


Vixen Six







Villainous monster girl, originally created to be an enemy of /co/ntainment.


The Incredible Weevil and Scarab Girl were once a villainous duo, conducting flamboyant and fantastical bug-based acts of bad such as releasing an army of trained bees into a bank vault to steal money.

However, this was soon not enough for Scarab Girl, who wanted more - more money, more power. She started becoming increasingly violent and detached from her humanity, believing her costume to be her true form, and without her ward's knowledge began changing herself.

When Weevil tried to intervene even calling the police on himself and her to get the young woman the help he believed she needed, she turned on him and the officers, shredding them too pieces and leaving Weevil with immense scarring. During this she revealed the extent of her bodily changes, now almost entirely insectile. 

George is now under police protection, while she continues to be at large with her army of gigantic insects. She later teamed with other female villains and formed the Vixen Six gang.


Having transformed herself into an insect/human hybrid she now possess among other abilities, a chitinous exoskeletal armor, enhanced reflexes and strength, and a psychic connection to her army of giant insects.


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