Real Name

Skathi Thaizidotter


The Last Goddess


Justice Coalition





A founding member of the Justice Coalition.


When the Aesir slew the frost giant Thiazi, they didn't reckon on his daughter coming to avenge him. Odin admired the spunk of a kid taking on the entire pantheon to avenge her father, so she got invited to join his host. She grew up hanging out with the other godkids, getting into shenanigans... but when Ragnarok came, she was as powerless as anyone to stop it. She took up Odin's magic spear Gungnir to try and save her foster father from his fate, but he commanded it to carry her as far from his as it would go. She was flung through space and time until Gugnir finally ran dry of its magic, finding herself stranded on a strange world far from her own. Since then, she's dedicated herself to preventing such doom from befalling her new home, and has fought monsters throughout the ages, with Gungnir as the powerless -but still godforged- memento of her fallen world and constant companion. She's the Last Goddess, sole survivor of Ragnarok.

After thousands of years of fighting and winning against anything that dared to threaten her new home and its inhabitants, she eventually found companions in the Justice Coalition. During her time with them she's helped repel the fae invasion (the fae queen still has not forgiven her for the nuggie she gave her to end the war), possibly fought Martians, and foiled countless Machine Cult plots. She backed Doctor /Co/ccult's decision to form a cosmic task force as it would fill the void left when she became a public icon.


She has an upbeat personality, is somewhat oblivious to modern advances, and takes a lot of sayings and names literally. Remains fascinated with how technology and culture have advanced and loves all the new types of food that came about with it.

She uses her positive outlook as a weapon to both fight and mask her deep sadness over knowing that when she dies, her race will be gone forever as she has found that she is incapable of conceiving children with the people of Earth.


Being a frost giant, she has immortality, super strength, super endurance, and the ability to manipulate and create ice which she typically forms around her spear to create various different types of weapons.

She's also extremely resistant against Earth magic, not being effected by the Fae Queen's mind control magic nor by the petrifying glare of gorgons.


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