Agent Summers

Real Name

-redacted- (last name is Summers though)




/co/ntainment, IT-Squad








The Summers Family, Alpha (son)

The character was established during June of 2013, quickly gained notoriety due to her affiliates and FOR SCIENCE attitude.


Real name: Agent Summers. Lead developer/captain of IT-Squad and the only member of /co/ntainment to reveal her real name and not get killed by the curse. She's constantly almost getting killed (either by the curse making attempts on her life or by her experiments blowing up in her face), but keeps herself alive with technology at the cost of her appearance.

"Curses and superstitions are powerless in the face of reason and science, I am a living testament to that."

She is also the only known member to talk about her family and live, in this case her sister, Colby.

It is speculated that she might be unnaturally beautiful under her equipment, but she finds her appearance irritating and unattractive by her own standards.

As head of IT-Squad she's constantly in budget fights with her superiors and claims that the organization would have far fewer casualties if they'd give her the founding to get her projects out of development hell.


She appears to be on very good terms with her sister, they may or may not jointly own an apartment, but Springtime almost always stays in her lab unless she has something to field test.

She has a rivalry with Skull King over which is better: magic or science. Springtime strongly believes that science and technology can accomplish anything that magic can do and Skull King seems to have taken up a wager with her over this.

SCIENCE robot is basically her lackey and lab assistant who she constantly experiments on and upgrades.

Abilities and skillsEdit

She's a brilliant inventor and a skilled engineer, but lacks any kind of social grace (a trait shared by her sister) so her inventions often appear unethical and look like mad science.


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