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Stefanie and the Metalloids is an AU of Steven Universe born from the collective willpower of about 3 anons, maybe more.

It's the concept of Steven Universe but with a gender swapped cast and the "space rock lesbinin Crystal Gems" are now "space rock faggin Metaloids".

Characters Edit

Stefanie- A 14-year old thicc girl raised by her mother and kidnapped by her new dads(the Metalloids) to go an a cross country adventure to defend the Earth. She attended school with her mother, Georgia who didn't want her involved with the Metalloids. Has the power of healing spit and a shield she just uses as a battering ram.

Aluminum - A member of the Metalloids, still loves Stefanie's father Copper, a perfectionist know-it-all. Has a backstory of Copper saving Al from the homeworld experiments and falling for him. Was part of the class of Metals that are slaves and have no will.Probably cries way more often than he should.

Cobalt- The short member of the Metalloids and was probably made on Earth like Amethyst was so feels closest to human society. That also makes him the "deformed mistake solider" because he didn't wake up in time. Is carefree and fun-loving, therefore annoying. Probably has a thing for Georgia.

Nichrome- The tall member of the Metalloids and is secretly (to Steffanie and the audience) to midget fags in a trench coat. Or an Alloy as we call 'em in this universe. Is the calm thinker of the group and probably inherited be metal status from his counterpart(it's up for debate). Has the ability to see if choices have negative or positive outcomes, sorta like future vision but less stupid since nothing's written in stone. Has 3 eyes.

Georgia- Good ol' tombwomb Georgia we call her. The mother of Stefanie Universe, lover of Copper, Georgia Universe is an ex-heavy metal guitarist turned mechanic who lived in Sand City. She did not want Steffanie to get involved with the Metalloids and is now secretly hunting them down on their road-trip to get her daughter back.

Nickel-The Ruby in the Nichrome Alloy. Never really seen unless something major has split Nichrome apart. The brash bruiser with two eyes.

Chrome-The Sapphire in the Nichrome Alloy. Never really seen unless something major has split Nichrome apart.The twink with the future power and one eye.

(Jasper)- Merely a concept in a conceptual world. A solider working for the homeworld Metals.

Silicon-A smooth guy whose the shiny new hotness to the old and busted Aluminums. Secretly a midget on stilts and could best be described as "Invader Zim but in this setting", just like the original...

Mercury-The Lapis who probably sold the Metalloids out in the rebellion. The filthy traitor who is the poster waifu of the fanbase. Is liquid metal and hides in a mirror because he's way too easy to kill.

Copper-The dead Metal who kicked off a rebellion when the Metals invaded Earth because he had a human fetish. Had a bitching sword and shield combo, sword now lost in Georgia's bush-I mean garage. He did love Georgia and died making Earth's greatest weapon.

(Diamonds)-The conceptual leaders of the Metal homeworld. Probably Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Copper or something.

Conner-The conceptual Connie as Stefanie's love interest. Probably leans to use Copper's bitching sword.

Townies-Those extra people no one really cares about but will have 70% of episode dedicated towards(we call them filler, sweetie).

Deepest Lore Edit

Lore explained and answered in questions:

How did Copper die from Georgia birthing Steffanie? Edit

At the end of the pregnancy, Steffanie was stillborn and /copper ripped out his core and put it in Steffanie.

Were are their gemstone equivalents? Can they shatter? Edit

They have cores inside their bodies and their weapons must heat them up to destroy their cores.

It there the cluster in the earth left over from the rebellion? Edit

Probably. The cores of fallen Metals scatter the landscape and have fused with minerals in th earth to make these weird robot-looking bugs they normally fight on their road trip.

Where's the lion? Edit

It's their pink hover-scooter thing. Did I not mention the hover-scooter? Well there's a hover-scooter.

How closely does the overall plot match up with the original? Edit

However closely you, reader, want it to be.

What should the influences on the story be from? Edit

Western scifi. Aliens, Starship Troopers, StarCraft, Transformers, Halo, Terminatior, Star Wars, etc.

Pictures and such Edit

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