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A Scottish punk with regenerating powers. Created during March of 2014 when trying to fill out Britainment's ranks.


Strummer is a punk from Scotland, Britainment needed field agents and she needed a job. Fortunately their standards were much lower than usual thanks to most field operatives coming down with a sudden case of death. And as luck would have it, Strummer has an actual superpower that makes her almost unkillable, so she got the job.

She's at constant odds with her direct superior, Marian, who Strummer thinks is boring. After her first mission, they did several field missions together so Marian could train her to be a proper operative.

"Ok, here's how it went down: Bubboe had grown big enough to fill the street between the two hotels, and every time one of our fliers tried to get close enough to his brain to shut him down, they got swatted. So we're all trying to distract him long enough to let one of them go through, when the rookie just goes 'Uh, hang on a moment guys, I forgot something' and runs into the hotel. Middle of the street, first time out with the team, straight-up deserting. Did NOT look good, but we kinda had our hands full. And then, like five minutes later, suddenly there's this loud crashing sound and we all look up and there's this big black block of... something coming down from the 96th floor, and we're all looking up to try and see what it is when suddenly it falls right on top of Bubboe's head. It was, cross my heart, a TV. A damn TV set, big as my torso. And we're all still sort of trying to process what the Hell just happened when, out of nowhere, she falls right on top of it, boots first, digging it right through Bubboe's skull and into his brain and, well... Took us like half an hour to dig her out, and I swear, the chick was still laughing. You ask me? She's a keeper."
-some other operatives

After that, she became partnered with Anastasia Wright, an intern, whom she tries to be a bad influence on at Ana's request.


Strummer has the power to regenerate. She can grow back skin, muscles, organs, bones, anything that is part of her. This also works as a hyper accelerated healing factor. She is annoyed however that her tattoos are constantly lost because of this, but that just lets her get new ones.

"Didn't I break your neck twice?"
"Yeah, so? What of it? You wanna go some more, you pansy?"