Summer Home

Summer Home

Summer Home serves as a second base of operations for The Justice /co/mrades. It is sometimes referred to as "Underlair" or "Location B". It is located somewhere deep beneath the surface of the Earth.


After the conclusion of Mid-Life Crisis, the final battle of the Golden Age, there was a large increase in the number of meta-humans, this meant two things for the J/co/: They gained several new members and the Sageworthy Society was no longer the only major villainous organization out there. The J/co/ decided a second base of operations was necessary to better handle these new threats.

Construction of this base was heavily influenced by elegan/tg/ents who had taken an interest in the /co/verse at the time, so much of its construction and design is based around more fantasy based genres than usually covered by /co/mrades.


Summer Home Layout


The original blueprints of the island have been lost, however it is known that:
  • Summer Home is located on top of an island surrounded by lava
  • The mountain just happens to look like a naked lady and helps keep the Deep Crows away
  • Dinobot Island is located right next to Summer Home (it's actually part of the island, just located closer to the lava and at the bottom of a steep cliff). Possibly serves are a nature preserve for less civilized dinosaurs or robot dinosaurs.

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