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Supocalypse, the super apocalypse, is a /co/ project that began on March 30th of 2013. The prompt is:

A virus has hit the world, with 99.9% of the human population dying horribly. The remaining 0.1% gains incredible powers. That 0.1% is you.

For in-depth information, see the Supocalypse wiki as this article will only be covering the key points.


All events take place on the North American continent.

There are three major factions:

  • The democratic Unified Society
  • The dictatorial Dynasty
  • The mysterious Illuminate

Posters may also choose to create loners or monsters who don't belong to any of them.

Character CreationEdit



Posters select two super powers at random, then roll using a dice generator to see where their character's allegiances lie. A template is often used to help create a visual aid.

Once a character is created, art and writing have a chance to follow if anyone feels like working on it.

All Supocalypse characters are exclusive to the Supocalypse setting and are listed on the Supocalypse wiki. There were frequently posts about wanting to do crossovers with characters from other /co/ projects and settings during the height of Supocalyse's popularity, but aside from maybe one, nothing came of it.

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