That Guy
He'll steal your snacks too

Real Name



That Guy


Sageworthy Society





Sageworthy trait

That one asshole who ruins everything

Specialized against

Nicky Two-Vests

A specialist member of the Sageworthy Society, possibly also a core member.


Not much is known about this motherfucker except that he is a son of a bitch to beat in a fight. This asshole's got swords, bow, guns, and a goddamn python. He's known for being able to go toe-to-toe with Nicky Two-Vests but doesn't have quite as much plot armor. It is unknown if he has any relation to /tg/'s That Guy.


It's widely assumed that he was brought into the Sageworthy Society as a specialist member to take down Nicky Two-Vests, but this might not be all there is to him. He could possibly hail "from a distant land" or have a foreign accent which works in tangent with him possibly being based on a sageworthy trait typically not seen on /co/. He certainly seems like he could be the byproduct of munchkinism.

Speculations aside, what is known is that he's always vying for power in the organization.


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