/co/nnie and one of The /co/axials formations.Artist: Serpenk

What would happen if a underrated heroes team are able to modify and even destroy universes by making simple changes? This is the story of The /co/axials, a group of background heroes with not-so-background stories.

About The /co/axialsEdit

The idea was born in a June, 2014 thread when anons began to speculate on why there were so many characters who had gone unused. Someone suggested that all of these characters should band together to form their own heroic group known as The /co/axials, whose mission is deal with issues that more "mainstream" heroes didn't notice.

However, the group's background escalated to the point where they were able to jump between alternate realities and timelines, changing them for better or worse based on their own actions. Because of this, fate of the members is constantly at stake and may even disappear from all universes.

If that's hard to grasp, go watch the show Quantum Leap to get a better idea of how this sort of works.


New Rhode Island, a city that is reconstructing after /co/ve fall from skies and mass destruction and marking with that the end of superheroes era. However, crime grows at alarming levels thanks to Sageworth Society and are the same people who tries take the law with their own hands; thus arise the so-called "Givers".  

/co/nnie is daughter of one of these Givers and she wants be /co/lette's sidekick, one of the few heroes who fights evil in the shadows and the girl loves too much, but the constant rejection of the brunette doesn't allow it. But /co/nnie decides stop being a mere sidekick and find her own place in the world, gathering other disgraced heroes and creating The /co/axials. 

What she doesn't realize that these "decision" is already changing what happens in other universes and could destroy them, so she must travel across the universes for stop imminent destruction of her world.


It should be noted that some characters in The /co/axials' stories are alternate versions of the ones in the "main/prime universe" who don't share the same history or even design with their mainstream counterparts. The member list will link to the mainstream versions for simplicity's sake.

Founding MembersEdit

Past Members Edit

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