The /co/llector
The /co/llector admiring one of her prizes.

Real Name



The /co/llector








Unknown, possibly mid 20s to mid 30s

Not to be confused with the tripfag by the similar name.


Part Carmen Sandiego, part Cybersix, she's someone who would literally steal anything for sport... that also includes people. In spite of that, since theft is her hobby and not her profession, she also has a semi-no killing rule of her own. She's a villain who will routinely save the lives of heroes and bystanders should the situation call for it.

She dresses like a man for her secret identity and may or may not work as a professor at /co/lette's college.

She often competes with other thieves, most often Ma'm Aries; they can never agree on who is the better thief. The /co/llector feels the more guarded something is, the more of a challenge it presents to steal and so that proves she's the better thief. Ma'm on the other hand believes that the monetary value of an object is more important than the challenge and that the pay off at the end of a heist being bigger is what makes her the better thief.




It is unknown if she possesses any superhuman abilities of her own, but she is a skilled thief, master of the sword, master of disguise, and has some ability to hypnotize others by looking into their eyes and saying "Assuming direct /co/ntrol" which makes her a dangerous opponent to be up against.

Though all she's ever done with those she takes control of is dress them up in silly outfits and throw a Masquerade Party after capturing enough people.


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