The Barbaric Butler

Real Name

Jeeves O'Higgins


The Barbaric Butler


The Justice /co/mrades







The Justice /co/mrades' butler.


Jeeves O'Higgins was a professional boxer, he had a fairly normal life with his English mother, who was a maid, and his Irish father, who owned a bar. It was in this bar where young Jeeves learned how to brawl, although his mother sent him to a proper teacher to learn fisticuffs as well. He eventually took up boxing, considering that was what he knew, and one day he fought a true proper English gentleman, with a monocle and all. After a long and grueling battle, he eventually lay the English boxer flat and knocked off his monocle. Jeeves picked up the monocle after his fellow boxer was dragged out of the ring, hoping to give it back at a later date. While messing around, he tried on the monocle and suddenly both of his heritages were shown, his barbaric and his proper. He learned that with the monocle on he had the strength of two men and the cleaning and cooking skills of a few really good women. He set off to find a league of superheroes, knowing that every good league needed a good butler.

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