Helping people is what they do.

The Collective Care for the Superpowered agency, The Collective for short, is an agency dedicated to helping super powered individuals find legitimate work where they can make use of their powers.


It all started with a the son of a wealthy industrialist family, the Yamadas. Kaito Yamada had an energy blast power (which he could also use for limited flight), and covertly took on a superhero persona, calling himself Striker16 (probably after a username he had) with a costume bought via his rather large allowance.


In memory of.

He did fairly well at first, but it proved too much and he was killed in battle with a super villain before his first year as Striker16 was over. Of course his death was the first his parents heard of his powers and his work as a superhero. They were absolutely devastated, and withdrew from the public eye.

About a year later, they returned and announced the Collective Care for Superpowered Youths agency. The Collective believed that many youths had turned to dangerous lifestyles as superheroes or villains because they didn't have any other outlet for their powers, and aimed to direct young superhumans down a more constructive path.

Their youth program proved very successful and it wasn't long before many adult superhumans who had avoided the crime-fighting business sought out the Collective for assistance. The name was changed to the Collective Care for the Superpowered, and their industry connections found many superhumans jobs suited to their particular talents. With more superhuman resumes, more job offers came in, until they became the leading source for job offers for the superpowered in the world.

They still greatly disapprove of young adult and teenage superheroes, and so their youth program remains the forefront of their efforts, but the Collective has grown to something much grander.

Notable CasesEdit

  • Whisper at one point somehow managed to contact The Collective since he was in need of an attendant with psychic abilities. With a little work, an ad was placed which only those with psychic powers would notice, and so Mr. Wright came to be in Whisper's service. The Collective pays Mr. Wright and in return Whisper provides them with information about young superhumans who could benefit from The Collective.
  • Floating Island /Co/nstruction Crew was mostly assembled by The Collective.
  • Reflux, the displaced man from another dimension, is currently in their care while undergoing counseling and rehabilitation.

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