Golden Girl poses
A comic about a teen sidekick who puberty hit like a truck.


It's the "Golden Age" where truth and justice always prevail thanks to the Comic Code. Silver Queen and her sidekick Golden Girl are the defenders of Platinum City with their quick wits, quips, and acrobatics. However, some big changes have recently come rolling in with Golden Girl on the cups of womanhood. Now the fog of the code is thinning from her eyes as she begins to notice the irregularities around her for what we, the readers, would see them as and maneuver herself around them.



  • Golden Girl and Silver Queen

    Silver Queen (left), Golden Girl (right)

    Sarah Sterling - A.k.a Silver Queen. A wealthy philanthropist who discovered the mystical Bands of Boudica, a pair of bracers/bracelets, while traveling South America. The Bands are enchanted to only be worn by those with pure hearts or a just cause, and their form changes to suit the needs of their owner. In the hands of those with evil intent, they will gradually lose their power and turn to stone. The Bands exponentially increase the fighting prowess, strength, and durability of the wearer, turning the weak into strong warriors, and the already strong into veritable demigods of power. She uses their power as the Silver Queen to fight criminals and supervillains.
  • Audrey Page - A.k.a. Golden Girl, the true heroine of the story despite being the sidekick of Silver Queen. She's passionate about her work, but much more practical about it than her mentor. A talented acrobat, before puberty set in she was able to jump, swing, flip, and parkour with the best of them; she also trained in boxing, so her punches pack a wallop. Her ample chest is filtered from the perception of every single person in the setting who dosen't have immunity to the Comic Code. She herself has full immunity and just rolls with anything she finds out of place to the best of her abilities. Her chest is only ever a source of physical comedy and is never acknowledged by anyone other than her own thoughts or her rival.

Supporting (ha!)

  • 1450751107496
    Iris Lodell - A girl who attends Audrey's school who inexplicably is also immune to the Comic Code. She cannot comprehend how no one else is able to tell that Audrey Page is in fact Golden Girl. She desperately wishes to prove this and find some self-vindication, but this may lead her down a dark road.
  • Lucìa Delgado - Hired by Sarah Sterling while in Argentina during a trip to South America for her knowledge in several regional dialects and connections with all sorts of people (after her family was thrown down in the coup of the 1930's she led a very rough life). Becoming good friends, and with the promise of steady pay, Lucìa agreed to come work for Sarah when the time came for her to fly back to North America. She serves as a housekeeper and also the head of staff at her manor.


  • The Racketeer - A mob boss who makes a gigantic racket wherever he goes, using pots, pans, and whatever else to dizzying effect.
  • Billy Rocker
    Rocker Billy - A rebellious greaser who goes to Aubrey's junior high and has smooth vocal powers that can compel people to do whatever he wants. He has a magic comb that instantly restyles his hair for maintaining his civilian identity. As a supervillain, he's sub-par as his cool-guy facade crumbles whenever he faces off against Golden Girl; her civilian identity has the same effect on him, although he hasn't been able to put 2 and 2 together yet. He has partial immunity to the code due to his rebellious nature.
  • Jadeemp
    Jade Empress - She possesses a mystical artifact which allows her to summon/create jade golems as well as a magical compass that allows her to track other magical items. She's in Platinum City trying to get Silver Queen's bracelets so she can absorb their magic, prolonging her eternal life. Beneath her glamour lies an 800 year old mummy.
  • Dr. Baron von Verrückt - Once a member of the German aristocracy, he fled when an angry mob chased him out of his family home (as was the style at the time) for his reckless experiments. He lost his title and his land due to the war, but never had any involvement with it having fled Germany years before to continue his experiments elsewhere.
  • 1452532632361
    The Quiz Master - A consummate showman, John Barclay was the host of a popular game show "Stump the Quizmaster". Known as "the Channel Eight Adonis", because of his good looks and charismatic flair, John had it all; money, fame, and women. There was even talk of him busting out of the game show circuit and becoming one of Hollywood's leading men. But a studio fire caused by negligent workers dashed all those hopes, leaving the handsome star horrifically scarred. Donning a a full face mask and armed with an eclectic intellect, he attempted to seek revenge on the workers that lead to his disfigurement, only to be stopped by the Silver Queen. His hopes of revenge stolen from him drove him mad, and now John Barclay terrorizes the night as the Quarrelsome Quizmaster.
  • Yokozuna Yeti - A Japanese man travels the Himalayan region of Asia after becoming frustrated with the state of post-war Japan and resentful of the American occupation. While mountain climbing in Tibet an avalanche nearly claimed his life, but he was saved by a family of kind yetis! The yeti family nursed him back to health, but the mama and papa yeti were slain by exploring Chinese soldiers as Tibet is incorporated into China. Now brimming with hate for the Allies, the man raises the baby yeti and teaches it the way of sumo, naming him Yokozuna Yeti and using its great strength in his war against the Allies!
  • IronGirl
    Iron Girl - Katya Stranitsa is a girl from the USSR, raised and trained to become a spy and dispatched to Platinum City in order to investigate the magical phenomenon which gathers there. Undercover as student at the local high school, she surprises everyone by looking almost exactly like Audrey Page, aside form her platinum blonde hair... and less prominent assets, although that is something only Audrey, Iris and Billy notice. She became compelled to fight against the American heroes, creating her Iron Girl persona in opposition to Golden Girl since Katya considers her to be the epitome of capitalism.

Concept Art



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