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First mentioned during June of 2013 as a group dedicated to protecting the people who fall off society's radar.

It ended up being something like a neighborhood watch mixed with Hunter Gathers' version of SPHINX.


Every member is or was a hobo at one point in time, so they all know about the cracks in the super systems that supers can fall through and be off-the-radar. Some of these off-the-radar supers are dangerous (either to themselves or others) when left to their own devices long enough. The HIN's primary objective is to make sure such individuals get the attention they need before this happens and, if necessary, directly confront such individuals when more notable/famous/powerful heroes would take too long to respond.



Riding the rails

The group was founded when Super Hobo and D'Lahlah met, Double Vision was originally one of their persons of interest before joining their response team.

Persons of InterestEdit

People who the HIN make a point to keep tabs on encase an emergency situation arises.

  • J. E. Rico - Possible danger to himself. Super Hobo has been working on getting through to him so that he might get the help he needs.
  • Toxique - Danger to herself and others. Preferred handling method is to provide food and shelter in a remote, unpopulated location to avoid provocation.

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