It all started on the 20th of October 2016. /co/ had seen an increase in Nutshack threads due to a video meme involving a crappy flash cartoon.

From Humble Beginnings Edit

In a thread Anon asked if anyone else found the character Phil hot. This spurred the /co/llective hivemind to stir their thinking caps.

"What can we do to spawn more Phil?" they asked themselves.

You're probably thinking make more fanart, but, no, that would be the smart choice. These anons went a little further and decided to make a /co/ project, and thus this cute little shit-stain was born.

And lasted all of three threads.

So What is it? Edit

The Nutshack Redemption is a /co/llaboration project to reboot/remake “The Nutshack” but with better writing and assets. All 16 episodes. This means rewriting each episode with a better sense of storytelling and improving the overall art direction but keeping the same core theme and tones.

The project gathered about six pieces of art and two storyboards, one a remake of the intro and the other a clip of the google docs script. Only one and half episode scripts came of it.

It had a google document that is still up and a discord page that still gets random people talking in it.

Where is it Now? Edit

Well the main pusher of this project went by the title Nutty and claimed only death would stop him. So he either died or realized it was a silly idea and let is starve like putting a baby in the woods and leaving telling yourself, "It'll be fine." as you pray it doesn't get raised by wolves and bite you in the ass later.

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