Meet the family

In most of the connected stories of the shared /co/verse settings, a member of the Summers family is bound to show up eventually.

Ma & Pa SummersEdit

The parents of the Summers Siblings, they chose to make their home in the middle of Nowhere, U.S.A. specifically because creepy things happen there. They're monster hunters/busters of some fame in the region, that is to say they make a living killing or otherwise disposing of monsters.

The Summers SiblingsEdit

There are at least seven of them.

  • Agent Summers - Code named Springtime, she is commonly called "Eldest" by her brothers and sisters because she's the first born. She works for /co/ntainment as head of their research and development division where she enjoys being able to push the boundaries of science. She has at least one doctorate and is a certified super scientist, but prefers to be called a mad scientist since that's what she considers herself.
  • Unnamed sibling
  • Tersia Summers - The shortest of the siblings, though not the youngest (she's the third child). She is a doctor who specializes in treating the injuries of supers and individuals affiliated with supers. She has some affiliation with /co/ntainment, but not enough to suffer from the curse by revealing her name. Her current body might not be her original body - at some point her head was removed from her shoulders or she was afflicted with a dullahan-like condition. She refuses to acknowledge Springtime a real doctor, but the eldest doesn't mind.
  • Unnamed sibling
  • Unnamed sibling
  • Colby Jack Summers - Second youngest of the siblings and also the tallest. She works as a detective and is often hired as a consultant by CO & Friends Insurance alongside /co/nrad to investigate and verify damage claims made after super fights.
  • Greg Summers - Youngest of the siblings, but not often referred to as such as Colby agreed to be the youngest since Greg disliked being teased so much. He's a college student attending Los Palos University and a high school friend of Lila Carver. He first appeared in The Lovely Ladybug #4: Beauty and the Brain.


  • Alpha - A robot boy who Springtime created with Agent Jazz; they used their own genetics to create his bio-synthetic coating (his skin) which gives him a distinct Summers family resemblance (as well as hairstyle). He was designed to look about 12 to 14 years of age with the ability to adjust his height gradually to simulate the ageing process. It would not be inaccurate to say he is Springtime's son.
  • Tolby Summers - A Summers sibling (presumably) from The Evilverse who works with Doktor Sageworth, a mad doctor working against humanity. She sees Eldest as being too weak, no matter which universe she's from. Springtime does not think of her as a sibling.