From behind

Real Name

Cindy Flint











Archenemy of the sub-aqueous adventurer Diving Belle... or she'd like to be anyway. Belle'd rather explore underwater with her eight-armed friend Bloop than grapple with would-be villains on land.


TINDERELLA , A.K.A. Cindy Flint, is Belle's main nemesis- or, more like stalker.

She's an ex runway model with some psychological issues. She lost her job when her pyrokinetic powers manifested- nobody in Belle's town wants to employ a freak! And things only got worse when she couldn't afford her meds and set fire to her home in a panic! Belle quelled the blaze, but as she did Cindy suddenly developed a fixation on the aquatic adventurer- something about that flame-red hair sticks in Cindy's mind like a splinter. When she's off her meds, Cindy swings unpredictably between hating Belle with every fiber of her being and being madly in love with her. This tends to manifest in the form of setting fire to things so Belle will come out to play! When she's stable, she feels bad for what she's done, but no matter what she does, one new symptom persists... a fairy godmother's followed her around ever since she reached her lowest point after being fired. The fairy's a good listener, comforts Cindy when she's distressed, and tells her that that nice red-headed girl will never notice her if she keeps taking her meds like a good girl...


Pyrokinesis allows her to create and command fire. Only her body is immune to the flames, so her clothing and everything else around her usually burns.


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