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During October of 2012, an ex-convict who is forced to serve on /co/ntainment was proposed, this was later merged with another idea where a member would convert to whatever religion he thought would save him from what they they are up against. Both ideas were retooled and Trinkets, the half-possessed man with dozens of religious artifacts on his person was formed.

For the actual comic, his character might've been merged with Twitch's.


As a member of /co/ntainment, all personal information (time before joining, real name, date of birth, etc.) is kept secret since revealing any of them count as death flags in his line of work.

He's a guy who had a lot of miscellaneous religious trinkets on his person, by his logic at least one of them must be working since he's still alive and sane. He ditches all his trinkets upon joining R-Squad after seeing what Captain Rookie can do and seeing that they're all still alive as well after their respective teams also got wiped out prior to R-Squad; he's still stuck with the nickname, though.



Attached at the hip

While out on a mission, Trinkets became half-possessed/bonded with the ghost of an ex-convict who knows the ins and outs of the spiritual planes. He refuses to divulge any information about his time amongst the living for unknown reasons, or that he might get double killed for triggering a horror movie death flag.

As only Trinkets and Captain Rookie can see this ghost, it leads to some interesting conversations at the local bar after hours.

Abilities and skillsEdit

The only ghost he is able to see is the one that's bonded to him; ideally he'd like to use Ex-con as a "seeing eye dog" of sorts since he CAN see the other ghosts, but he refuses to cooperate unless there's something in it for him.

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