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During October of 2012, a twitchy member who thinks by not bathing very often the ghosts won't be able to detect him or her as easily was proposed for /co/ntainment.

For the actual comic, his character might've been merged with Trinkets'.


As a member of /co/ntainment, all personal information (time before joining, real name, date of birth, etc.) is kept secret since revealing any of them count as death flags in his line of work.

He's a jumpy, twitchy guy who thinks by not bathing very often the ghosts won't be able to detect him as easily. This is due to how his former team got wiped out by a giant animal-like ghost which sought out its prey via smell; when his team took cover from it, Twitch took cover in a dumpster full of rotting garbage and the ghost lost all interest in him despite still taking out the rest of his old team. His logic for why this is goes as follows:

"Ghosts look like wisps, right? Well, when people smell, you get a lot of stink-wisps. Ghosts can only see in wisp-o-vision, so I camouflage myself with wisp."

When told by Captain Rookie that ghosts don't actually work like this, this exchanged happened:

"You don't get it, you just don't--you don't get it! This ain't just stink, man. This is the smell of LIFE! You sweat, you bleed, you... relieve yourself, all that stuff, the dead don't do! The dead CAN'T do! And that repels them! Keeps them away from me, man! The smell of life keeps ME alive and THEM away!"

"But wouldn't the... 'smell of life' attract them? Like a beacon? That stinks?"

"... You just don't get it!"

For the comic, he's extremely talkative, extremely over caffeinated, and might be bathing more.

Abilities and skillsEdit

Aside from his personal hygiene beliefs, he has no paranormal alterations to his being or any extrasensory powers.

He just has to rely on training and his teammates to survive and get the job done.

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