Venus Fly Trap

Real Name



Venus Fly Trap, VFT


Faggot Tree, Sageworthy Society (by proxy), Vixen Six (temp), The Mean Teens (temp)





Created in a Jan 2014 thread when someone wanted to know if there were any established "trap" characters. Was later worked out as Faggot Tree's disciple.

He serves as Faggot Tree's personal sidekick, guarding FT's faggy forest when he's off on Society business. He is the greenhorn disciple who tries but fails to capture and seduce intruders of the FT's forest. Tends to go after bug themed heroes.


One day Faggot Tree was busy being a faggot in his faggy forest when one of his alarms alerted him to an intruder. After taking his sweet time getting over there to see what he snared, all he finds it's some kid being digested by one of his large Venus fly traps.

On a whim, he decided to get a better look at the kid to make sure he wasn't a decoy or just to see if he was a super. It's a boy, but as he gazes upon the boy's face he can't help but utter the word "...beautiful". Using his forest magic, Faggot Tree fuses the boy's body with the traps that caught him and Venus Fly Trap is born.

VFT only has a few lingering memories of his former life, but they don't really matter to him much anymore now that he has a new master to serve. FT greatly enjoys toying with him and punishing him in ways that amuse him whenever VFT fails.

Maw and JawEdit

Two tendrils extended out from somewhere (no one is quite sure from where they sprout) on his backside, their names are Maw and Jaw, both end at two snapping mouths. They are capable of grabbing and ensnaring people or objects. They possess limited intelligence and separate personalities from VFT; they're not above bullying VFT when he starts getting indecisive and only seem to listen to him when he's following FT's orders.

They're able to ooze this sticky sweet-smelling sap from their mouths that's full of pheromones, they sometimes coat VFT in this to make fights more "interesting" for all involved.


Aside from Maw and Jaw, VFT has superhuman durability, he's able to withstand some pretty bad beatings and recover quickly thanks to the limited healing factor his plant like body grants him.