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A group of femme fatales created around January 30th, 2014 using a random super power generator.


How exactly they all met is anyone's guess, but they've banded together ever since in their pursuit of valuable things.

Backfire initially took charge, however, her parental responsibilities forced her to delegate authority to one of the other members. Scarab was too unstable and D'meanor was worse. Rex was incapable (due to her size) and soldiergirl never showed up, leaving only Arctic Vice. Over time, more and more of the team's goings on were handled by Vice until it got to the point where nobody even asked Backfire anymore. If anyone asks, Backfire is the leader, if anyone pays attention, it's Vice.

The Sixth VixenEdit

The super soldier girl who was meant to be their sixth member never showed up, and since they made a bunch of gear with their logo on it, they feel stupid going on heists with only five people. Every time they're looking to do a job, they have to recruit a sixth member, these have included:

  • Chicken Divine - The sixth member who has done the most jobs with them. She's their first pick whenever there's a job, but she's not available all the time.
  • Venus Fly Trap - He's worked with them before. They realized almost immediately he was a guy, but rolled with it anyway. Most of the group finds him adorable and teases him at any opportune moment in their own ways.
  • Blackstrap
  • Stretcherous - She joined looking for info on her older sister.
Arctic Vice: "Oh, her? Yeah, now that I remember her costume, I can see the resemblance. She was with us for two jobs, about a month, maybe two months apart. Real professional, and way skilled, one of the best Sixes we've had, but a real nose-to-the-grindstone type, you know? She didn't really seem to enjoy the work and didn't socialize any more than she had to."
Backfire: "She was a total bitch."
Nuclear Rex: "Yeah."
AV: "That's unfair, I'd say she just wasn't here to make friends."
Ms. D'Meanor: "I liked her."
BF: "You're almost as big a bitch as she was."
AV: "Enough, okay? Back on the topic."
Stretcherous: "Uh, right, well. Did she say anything about what she was going to do next when she left or where she was going?"
AV: "No. I can look into it, see if I can come up with anything. In the mean time, you seem pretty capable, we've got something we could use a Six for..."


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