Vladimir Corbichiev

Real Name

Vladimir Corbichiev


Mob Boss Corbichiev


The Triceratops Gang






Approximately 65.5 to 68 million

An enemy of Chaptor.


A Russian war veteran and current leader of the Triceratops Gang, a gang of Russian Triceratops mobsters.

On Chaptor's first outing after obtaining his iconic hat, he foiled one of the Triceratops Gang's robberies in a Psittacowick pub. The thugs swore revenge as they fled which led to Chaptor's conflict with the Triceratops Gang.

Some time later, Corbichiev was bested by Chaptor, lost one of his horns (which Chaptor kept as a trophy, mounted over his fireplace), and was outed from his own gang. After that humiliation, he swore revenge on Chaptor and clawed his way back to the top, then kidnapped Agnes to lure Chaptor into a trap where he managed to put a bullet in Chaptor's side. However, he didn't count on Chaptor still having enough strength to deliver a solid blow to the gloating mobster's face and challenge him to good old fashion fisticuffs.

Presumably bested by Chaptor a second time and still at large.


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