Volt Nine

A pack of nine slightly overpowered supers with electrical powers who are only used during extreme emergencies.

They have been know to work with The Friends of the Justice /Co/mrades.


They all have extremely volatile powers and rather clashing personalities, yet they somehow manage to work together, albeit in odd and life-threatening ways.

Unfortunately, most information about the group has been lost.

  • Captain Power - Johnny Powers was a hard worker in a large power plant in the original flying city model. When the power source overloaded, Johnny ran in to fix it... needless to say, it exploded. However, instead of dying, he gained superpowers which isn't all that uncommon in scientific accidents on /co/ve. He's the founder and leader of the group, though he's not really sure exactly how it was formed since he was too drunk at the time to remember it. A tad self centered, but still puts the safety of others first, can shoot lightning from his hands, and occasionally dicks around with the weather using his powers.
  • Captain Ele - Full name: Captain Ezekial Fernald Reginald Elesense III, second in command of Volt Nine. Calm, collected, usually keeps to himself, reads a lot, and once sailed the seas, captaining the S.S. Tricity; he was once a mentor/rival of Richard Blax, but that's a story for another time. He joined Volt Nine by request ("More like begging" Ele once said in an interview) and has an electric whip that, when all nine direct their powers to it, can create a huge laser that could potentially wipe out the flying city. Treats Kid like a son. Currently not an active member after a large, public argument with the Captain Power. It is unknown if/when he will rejoin the group.
  • Kid -


    Like everyone else in his age group, he thinks he looks a lot cooler than he actually does. He's 11-12 years old, works as an odd-jobs delivery boy, and has a belt that gives him electricity powers and increased speed. It had a daily time limit of ~2 minutes when he first started using it, but the time limit increases as he grows up. He mostly just uses the belt's powers to finish his deliveries more efficiently and ended up as Volt Nine's pseudo-mascot since he can't fight, but he is training to be a hero.
  • Static - No data.
  • Electricity Man - No data.
  • Beeman - No data.
  • Surge - No data.
  • Garrot - No data.
  • Lightening Kid - No data.

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