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What if there was a Batman in the Avatar: The Last Airbernder universe?

For more in-depth details on the project (as well as the story and a bunch of art) see the dA page created for it, or the plus4chan collective archive thread.


During early July of 2008 both Batman: The Dark Knight and the Avatar: The Last Airbender series finale were hot topics on /co/. Someone decided to photoshop the Joker's face paint onto Azula with the words "Starting tonight, people will die. I'm a woman of my word" to which someone replied with a photoshop of Sokka wearing a Batman mask with the words "Not in my town you won't." Starting from there, the comparisons just kept coming until the Avatar universe was radically different.


Since there are no bats in the Avatar world, wolfbats from season 2, episode 2 were used and combined with Sokka's wolf armor from season three. His lack of bending, ability to plan, and relying primarily on his intellect to fight instead of bending powers led to the creation of the Wolfbatman.

Wolfbat BeyondEdit

Wolfbat beyond rebirth

Wolfbat Beyond costume

With the help of the original Wolfbat, the world was eventually brought into balance again by the restored Avatar Aang. But peace could only last so long.

Now, decades after the Wolfbatman retired, a hero is needed in the concrete canyons of Republic City. Gangs run rampant, some using the tragically twisted image of the late Fire Princess as their banner. Conflict between benders and non-benders has left its scars on the city. New threats to the citizens arise each day, from new technologies or the still tumultuous spirit world. And where, in all this, is the Avatar?

Balancing out her lack of bending ability with a sharp mind, an affinity for technological gadgets, a strong will, and a trained body, another youth seeks to bring justice to the streets again.

Asami Sato is the Wolfbat.