Zorana Volkova

Real name



Zorana Volkova


Sergei Sokol





Zorana was created during May of 2013 as a part of Sergei's subordinate team of superhumans.


Little is known about her early life, some suspect she may have put forth some effort to obscure her history. She is believed to have served temporarily in the Soviet armed forces, most likely under draft, at which point she met Sergei Sokol, who had been similarly pressed into military forces. After the Soviet Union collapsed, but before Sokol's rise to power, she disappeared from known records; it is suspected she was living under an assumed name, though her current name is mostly likely not her real name either. At some point after Sergei founded The Eastern Jewel, she was reunited with him and quickly became his most trusted assistant.

She enjoys playing ping-pong in the break room and gets mad when people make jokes about dogs and balls.


She is a werewolf and therefore possesses superhuman strength, agility and enhanced senses. Her powers become stronger when the moon is waxing, peaking at the full moon when she's able to transform, and then becoming weaker when the moon is waning, being about the same as a normal human during the new moon.


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